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  Yes. I am willing to do volunteer work, share my experience with young patients with cancer or other  medical challenges and provide them emotional support and guidance.


Have you previously performed volunteer work? If you did, please give details.



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    Yes. I have been diagnosed with cancer.

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Expected expenses for academic year indicated

List any other scholarship assistance applied for

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Please mail the following documentation to:

Cancer Survivors' Fund

P.O. Box 792, Missouri City, TX 77459


Two (2) letters of recommendation from two different academic teachers addressing why you should receive this scholarship (make sure they are signed by the writer.) 


A letter from your attending physician verifying your medical history and current medical situation.


A copy of an acceptance letter from the college/university of your choice or a letter of good standing from the registrar. 


A release from you, and your parents if you are a minor, that you agree to have your name and photo published in the news media or any CSF publication as a recipient of Cancer Survivors' Fund scholarship and that you agree to have your name, photo and your success story to be published on this website or in any CSF publication.


A 2.5 x 3.5 portrait photo (no glamour shots please) if sending hard copy. Digital preferred.

Download Release

Completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted (postmarked) by March 1st to be considered for the 2019 Fall Semester.  


Please DO NOT print and mail this application. Use the Submit Application button below.




Submit an essay with this application. Discuss the following question. HOW HAS MY EXPERIENCE WITH CANCER IMPACTED MY LIFE VALUES AND CAREER GOALS? Essays must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1200 words. Essays may be entered in the box below or submitted separately, attached to an e-mail. Please DO NOT mail.


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