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Gala 2005

Cancer Survivors’ Fund Gala

"From Surviving to Thriving"

A Celebration of Life


Friday, April 22, 2005

Junior League - 1811 Briar Oaks Lane


Steve Smith

Emcee of the Evening 

The Cancer Survivors’ Fund held its third annual gala on the evening of April 22, 2005 at the Junior League to celebrate the lives of the CSF students and presentation of awards. Over 270 guests attended this elegant event. Our students and Board Members were on hand to greet our guests. Fulbright & Jaworski LLP partners, Bridgeway Capital Management partners, Texas Children’s Hospital staff, community leaders and local businessman were present to witness the success stories of our students. The event raised over $80,000 for the benefit of the students of CSF.


In memoriam 

Ronald G. Bliss, Esq. 

Senior Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

Vietnam War Hero

Inspirational Individual of the Year 


Ronald G. Bliss was honored, in loving memory,  in the presence of his wife Charlene Bliss and their children Erik and Jason, as the “Inspirational Individual of the Year” for his impact on our students and for being such a strong role model for them.  Ron Bliss’ strength, courage, determination and love of life will be the guiding light for CSF students for many years to come. 

Mr. Charles Walker, Jr., Ron Bliss’ Fulbright & Jaworski LLP partner, recognized his integrity, courage, eternal optimism, and told our guests how he inspires colleagues and friends to success and happiness regardless of his own hardships. Ron is a Vietnam War hero, who survived six and a half years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, very well known via the documentary “Return with Honor.”  


Bridgeway Capital Management

Corporate Community Honoree



John Montgomery, President and CEO of Bridgeway Capital Management Inc. distinguishes the organization by assigning it a mission embracing an extraordinary purpose: the objective to “support charitable services, nurture educational services, improve the quality of community life.” John Montgomery and Bridgeway partners were honored as they have been avid supporters and the wind beneath wings of the Cancer Survivors’ Fund. If it were not for their sincere interest, belief and continuous support, CSF would not have been able to endure the difficult early years.


ZoAnn Dreyer, M.D.

Chief, Long-term Survivor Clinic, Texas Children’s Hospital

Medical Community Honoree  



Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer, Chief of the Long-term Survival Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital was honored for her optimistic, caring, loving and tireless dedication to her work. Without her care and compassion many of CSF students would not be alive today. CSF students Leandrew Salazar, Chris Rhodes and Camelia Cruz, her former patients presented Dr. Dreyer her award.


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