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Lee Salazar with CSF Founder Yeshim Yonter 

CSF Gala - April 22, 2005 


Lee Salazar is a three times cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with Leukemia at the of age 3 with relapses at ages 8 and 16. Lee is a sophomore at Houston Community College majoring in Child Life.  He has been a counselor at Camp Periwinkle for the last ten years which is a week long summer camp for children with cancer between the ages of 7-14. He also is a counselor for Camp YOLO (You Only Live Once).  This camp is a weekend camp for teenagers ages 13-18 and affiliated with Camp Periwinkle. In his own words:

”I'm an outgoing and extremely friendly person.  I'm also a caring, loving, and hard working individual.  If there is something that I want to achieve I will strive to succeed.  I enjoy being a role model to children and adults who have been stricken with cancer. Having had cancer has shaped my life and put my values and career goals in a whole new perspective.  Everything that I do has to do with my experiences with cancer as a child.  I began going to Camp Periwinkle at age 8 and loved it so much that I returned every summer until I was fourteen.  I couldn't wait to return as a junior counselor.  I've been a counselor now for 10 years.  I enjoy being around children and teenagers, especially those that may be going through a rough time due to an illness.  I understand what it's like to be sick, and lose close friends.  I had a great support of people helping me get through it.  My family, friends, organizations, such as the Periwinkle Foundation, and my strong will is what has kept me alive.  I want to be there for others now and give to them what was given to me.

I don't know when I will finish college but I know that I will continue to go even if it's only one class at a time; because that is all I can handle. I've always struggled in life with my studies.  It makes me sad that my chemotherapy and radiation played a big part in my learning hardships. 

My life has had many upsets however I'm still alive and striving to achieve all I want in life.  There are two things that I believe and they are that God does things for a reason and that everyone has a purpose on this earth.  I feel that I am doing my best by mentoring people with cancer and educating others about the disease.  My life will continue to follow the path of servicing children and families touched by cancer. I am grateful to Cancer Survivors’ Fund and people behind it to make it easier for me to continue my studies with their financial and dedicated help.”

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